Event Types

These are our specialties, but we are not limited to just these.

Experience the Finest

Corporate Events

We specialize in corporate events that seek a heightened level of class and sophistication. The staff at your event will be knowledgeable and experts in the art of service. Let Beau Maître d’ take your presence to a completely new level!

Private Events

Have you seen how everyone seems to be so beautiful in the movies? This is an essential part of the service we provide. We give your guests the chance to experience beauty in extraordinary ways. Our staff is not only good at looking good. They are smart, articulate, polite and intellectual individuals who can handle any situation and any guest with outstanding class. Our team includes Sommeliers, Cicerones, and spirit experts, all providing their expertise to mansion, poolside, or venue events.


Any event that features such a beautiful knowledgeable staff is going to be a huge success on social media as well. While we conduct our VIP bartending and bottle service, social media shares of events with a beautiful staff gain a lot of traction for your event. We will leave your guests with such an impression that they will talk about your event for days to come. This is ideal for festivals to keep your guests coming back year after year!

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